The Complete Fitness Planner

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One of the hardest challenges for many is to maintain/improve our health and fitness. Now more than ever we can utilize any and all tools to help us get back on track. The Complete Fitness Planner can help you:

🔥 STAY MOTIVATED & ACCOUNTABLE: The number one benefit of the planner is that it helps you stay consistent and focused on your goals. Studies show tracking your progress with a fitness planner can help you achieve your goals sooner.

🕐 SAVE TIME: Having a plan makes you more effective and efficient in the gym. We all have had those days where you get to the gym or to the basement and forget what you were going to do, or can’t decide what exercises to do. A planner clears your head and helps you stay focused.

💪 GROW & IMPROVE: What doesn’t get tracked or recorded cannot be improved. Having a planner that collects your past workouts is the key to making small changes for big improvements.

😊 BECOME HAPPIER & MORE CONFIDENT: Exercise is a fundamental need. When you stay on track and get healthier, stronger, and leaner, you will become more happy and confident.  



There may be great devices out there to track your heart rate, sleep, and calories. But when it comes to tracking your strength training workouts, there is nothing better, more reliable, and effective than good old pen and paper.

The Complete Fitness Planner bundle includes The Constant Cover + The 12-week fitness planner insert.  

In a nutshell, our product is designed to:

  1. Help you plan long & short term fitness goals and track your daily workouts 
  2. Enhance your workouts and become more efficient in the gym 

Some key features include:

🏆 SIMPLE DESIGN: It’s easy to use and there is no wasted space.

Contains the essentials: Weekly Planning Pages, Daily workout pages, and Weekly recaps for optimal results.

  • Workouts fit in 1 page 
  • Keep track of your weight progression 
  • Rate your workouts
  • Stay motivated with inspirational quotes throughout the journal

📙 AESTHETIC | DURABLE | FUNCTIONAL: The Constant Cover was designed to be beautiful but functional too. 

  • A minimalistic leather-look is timeless and fresh. 
  • Throw it in the gym bag, fold it into a tight backpack, the flexible design can take it. 
  • The elastic protects the insert from getting folded. 
  • The built-in red bookmark helps find the right page fast.
  • The pen holder prevents you from losing or forgetting your pen  

♻  REUSABLE: After 12 weeks of hard work, reorder the insert, reuse your cover, and save money. If you want to change your style you can get a different color Constant Cover. The Constant Cover is size A5 so it also fits other notebooks, journals, or planner 


We work directly with Canadian manufacturers to produce our planners. Working with local manufacturers allows us to be directly involved with the quality control and inspection of each planner.

We are committed to outstanding customer service and we make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied and can reach out to us through a phone call or email.




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