About us

We live in a world where everything has been digitized. Any task you do, there is an app for. You could argue that these apps have huge benefits, but on the other hand you can argue that they have also created a huge amount of distraction in our lives.

Let's face it, how often do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook, or checking your email, or watching a YouTube video, when in the first place you were planning on pulling up your calendar or notes to get your day on track and get tasks done and be productive? 

 We are Santiago and Courtney the faces behind 

On Track Founders


We have created On Track to bring focus back into people's lives. Our mission is to help people reach their goals.  We strive to do this with our high-quality eco-friendly planners. 


When we created On Track, we had three objectives:


  1. We want to help solve a big problem many people have.
  2. We wanted to focus on something related to our values and passions.
  3. We want to create or offer something that has the power to help many people and really make a positive impact. 


We truly believe health and fitness has a ripple effect that controls many other aspects of our lives, so we looked into how we could make a difference in this space.  

We saw the benefits of using a fitness planner/journal for our workouts to help achieve our fitness goals, but we weren’t happy with any of the planners or journals on the market (specifically in Canada).  

Some planners had very complicated crowded layouts, some were too basic and contained too many tips instead of space to record workouts, some had cheap bindings or paper, some were too expensive with conversion rates plus shipping from the US or other countries, and the list goes on.  

So we sat down and researched all the components that made up a great fitness planner and tracker and all the unnecessary sections on other products. 

We went through pages and pages of reviews on marketplaces, websites, and blogs like Amazon, Etsy, Reddit, and journal/planner company websites. 

We took inspiration from other designs and implemented them into our own design. 

Fast forward to 2020, after extensive research in the area and testing multiple samples we have nailed down a product that is ready for market.


Meet The Complete Fitness Planner: The Simplest Fitness Tool 

The Complete Fitness Planner | On Track


In a nutshell, our product is designed to:

  • Help you plan and track your long term fitness goals.
  • Enhance your workouts to become more efficient in the gym by reducing the time and energy you spend on planning your workouts. 


One of the hardest challenges for many has been to maintain/improve our fitness. Now more than ever we can utilize any and all tools to help us get back on track. 

We would love to get our product in your hands and help you get back on track.  Get your copy of The Complete Fitness Planner today! 

We work directly with Canadian manufacturers to produce our planners. Working with local manufacturers allows us to be directly involved with the quality control and inspection of each planner.