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If I Pre Order, when will I receive my order? 

Pre orders will be fulfilled in the Fall of 2020, approximately by the end of August or beginning of September. You will receive a an email for your order confirmation. Once we ship it, you will receive another email where you will be able to track your order. 

Why should I order the cover? 

You don't need it, but it is a good option to have. The cover not only makes your planner look better, but it protects it from sweat, water, and other elements. The elastic keeps the pages from getting bent when you throw it in your gym bag. It comes with a built in red bookmark ribbon to help you get to your current day faster. It has a pen holder so it is easier to carry around in the gym. 

When should I purchase a new fitness insert?

We recommend, you purchase a new insert at least 1.5 weeks before you run out of pages so you do not lose momentum. If it helps you remember, that would be midway through week 10. Normally it doesn't take 1.5 weeks to ship, but it's better to be on the safe side.